Delivery / Collection


Our delivery vans deliver loose loads with a minimum delivery of 1 cubic metre. Loose loads come without packaging which reduces waste and is in line with our sustainability policy. Our vans have tipping backs and can drop in a variety of locations, if you have a difficult access just let us know when you order so we can arrange the most suitable vehicle.

If you do not have a driveway or access for vehicles to your garden we will tip the wood on the side of the road nearest to your property, it is then your responsibility to move it to its desired location.

There is a delivery charge based on the distance from our office in Cowbridge. This charge is a set fee per trip, regardless of volume of wood. We are able to carry up to three cubic metres at a time. We charge delivery because we value our time and it costs money to run, maintain and own vehicles, it's as simple as that. If you wish to combine a delivery charge with your neighbour this is a great way to save you money and save us time! Please contact us to find out your area delivery charge, prices start from £5.

Stacking Service

We are happy to stack and understand that dropping off a loose load may need to be moved quickly or may not be managed by one person. We do charge for this service and are more than happy to discuss your requirements. Our basic rate is £30 per hour per person, it usually takes 30 minutes for one person to stack 1 metre cubed of wood, dependant on how far it has to be moved.


You are very welcome to come and collect your wood from our yard in Cowbridge. Please call the office to arrange a collection time and day so we can make sure that your wood is ready for you to load when you arrive. If you have access to a trailer or van you can take a cubic metre or more away in one go. Many customers come and fill the boot of their car and make one or more journeys. We can store your crate with your name on it, and you can come and collect the remainder within a couple of weeks. This saves you the delivery charge and keeps you fit!

We have trailers that can be loaned to take your wood home in. Your car will need to have a tow hook and you will need to bring a copy of your number plate for the trailer. A £100 deposit is required for this.