Seasoned Hardwood Logs, from £125 per m3 (inc Vat @ 5%, excl delivery)
Seasoned Softwood Logs, £95 per m3 (inc Vat s@ 5%, excl delivery)

Our seasoned firewood is available all year round. Our logs are sold by volume rather than by weight so that the amounts sold are of constant measure. This is due to the fact that wood gets lighter as it seasons and the moisture content reduces. Selling by weight is therefore not a fair measure and selling by volume ensures all customers receive the same amounts.

We sell most wood by the loose Cubic Metre (m3), as it is loose it will take up less space than a full cubic metre when stacked. To find out more about Delivery click here.

We encourage customers to stock up with logs in the summer, so they have peace of mind knowing they are well prepared for the winter. During the spring and summer, we sell part-seasoned firewood at a reduced rate, for home seasoning ready for the winter. This requires less time for it to dry compared to un-seasoned wood which needs at least a year until it is ready to burn.

Our seasoned firewood is covered by the Woodsure Assurance scheme, where we are audited for our quality and production processes. Woodsure has been developed by HETAS and is the UK’s only woodfuel quality assurance scheme. Read more about the scheme here.

Seasoned firewood is classed as under 25% (dry basis) which means that the amount of water present in the wood is less than 25% of its volume.

We season our wood naturally. We don’t force dry it by kiln drying it. We do this for several reasons:

  1. Its seems a bizarre concept to dry wood by burning something else, usually oil or wood. Why create more pollution as the wood usually burnt in kiln systems is not quality tested and therefore not seasoned, its usually waste wood which could be anything ! This may not be the case but is certainly very probable as the quality schemes don’t really address this.
  2. Many Kiln dried wood suppliers rely on RHI payments – the more wood they burn, the more heat they produce, the more in payments they generally receive. It may be more complicated than that but that is the backbone of the system. Why encourage companies to burn wood to make money which has to come from the taxpayer. It may be encourage them to move from oil but we doubt this is the case for kiln drying systems. This also doesn’t help the general public because the cost is subsidised, the kiln producer is receiving two payments, one from the government (tax payer) and one from the client.
  3. Some Kiln dried is imported. Which doesn’t support our own woodland infrastructure or industry. It actually works against it by introducing potential diseases and is outside of our control in terms of woodland management and potentially legality.
  4. Drying naturally is a slower release of moisture. Many clients seem to prefer it to kiln dried as it burns slower but with good heat.

Seasoning our wood does limit our stock because we have limited space but just stock up early with semi seasoned or unsesoned and dry it yourself. We would recommend buying a Stihl moisture metre (roughly £10 and stay away from the unbranded ones as they are way out in %) and check your wood yourself. 25% is fine, 20% is better but we live in a damp environment. Hetas have the Ready to burn standard which is 20% but were still researching the data behind that but its a good target to aim for. We achieve 18-20 % but by moving our wood to hot spots in our yard. Acheiving that for many producers may only be by Kiln drying to speed up the process, but then were back on that tricky slope of the material being burnt to fuel the kiln isnt necessarily quality assured, seasoned, sourced responsibly and 20% as reccomeded by Hetas.

Plan what you need, stock up early and always always question where its from and test its moisture.

All our seasoned wood is sourced locally, usually within the Vale of Glamorgan, sometimes further a field in South Wales. Never from abroad.

Find out more in our FAQ section


We also sell seasoned logs in manageable bags that can collected individually. Its always cheaper to buy by the loose but you may find this more convenient if you only want a small amount. £7 per bag.


We have kindling ready to use straight away and very easy to light either with paper or with our firelighters.The kindling is available in bags weighing 4.5KG.

The length of the kindling is approxiamately cm and has a moisture content of under 15% (wet basis).

Our kindling is made from hard and softwood.

Great for open fires, Wood burners and BBQs. £5.00 per bag.

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