We produce and supply P16B & P31.5 European Standard woodchip for biomass boilers which is suitable for large and small scale heat sources. This is predominantly soft wood, the majority of which is slab wood, i.e. off cuts from milling. We aim to not use virgin wood as this takes it away from a range of other manufacturers who need virgin wood for their products. By using the off cuts from these industries such as furniture making, we get the material we need after other products have been made from the wood. In this way we are making use of wood that would otherwise go to waste. From this we use a heizomac chipper and grade the woodchip to the specified G grade and a moisture content of below 30 %.

Please contact us with your grade, quantity and delivery requirements and we will be happy to give you a quote.


The Briquettes we sell are high quality, made in the UK by Hot Blocks, and come in packets of 12 briquettes (approximately 10kg per pack). Compressed sawdust briquettes can replace logs in all forms of wood and multi-fuel boilers and stoves (except those designed specifically for pellets). The advantage of briquettes over logs is in their higher calorific value (up to 4.75 times more energy than air dried logs). This comes from their density and the fact that they are virtually moisture free at less than 10% compared to less than 25% for seasoned logs, making them a great alternative to kiln dried logs.

Briquettes are priced at £5.00 per bag.


Environmentally safe low odour fire starting cubes made from FSC wood fibre and vegetable oil. 100% natural and carbon neutral.

Firelighters are priced at £5.00 per tub.


We stock a range of Ecofans to assist with the circulation of heat from your wood burning stove. We have one of the in the office and it really helps to keep the air warm not just next to the fire.

The Airmax provides highest airflow and starts working at the lowest temperatures compared to other Ecofans.

Ecofan Airmax 812 with the option of Black & Nickel / Black £140 inc. VAT


Wood stores are made to order and are available in 4 sizes:

Wood Store A: Width 1.2m, Depth 65cm, Height 1.65m £150 plus VAT.

Wood Store B: Width 1.65m, Depth 65cm, Height 1.65m £200 plus VAT.

Wood Store C: Width 2m, Depth 65cm, Height 1.65m £250 plus VAT.

Wood Store D: Width 2.4m, Depth 65cm, Height 1.65m £300 plus VAT.

We currently have a small selection of wood stores in stock.

We also offer a made to measure service. We can come and assess your property and take measurements before making your store.

We also supply Galvanised wood stores which holds up to a cubic meter of logs £215 plus vat.

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